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Smart Sending Technology

Our SmartSender™ technology lets you control delivery to each TLD by IP, domain, or other criteria, and is easy to learn and use. Generate reports to do your own advanced delivery analytics and see the data for yourself.  Stay ahead of the curve with the most robust functionality available in the market.

Built-In Data Management Platform

Our built-in Email Data Management Platform lets you manage as many lists and records as you need, tested up to 100M records and thousands of lists. ListMarketer’s complete suite of  list operations, suppressions, and segmentations deliver the best results as part of our standard features.  Don’t get locked into the competition’s “cookie cutter” format, get exactly what you need with ListMarketer’s DMP.

ListMArketer Data Management Platform




Maximum Compliance

We take email compliance very seriously, and have many compliance specific features and knowledge for maximum compliance. Our Abuse team offers a monthly audit for email marketing compliance. Additionally, our software makes it easy to add an unsub link that will remove uninterested subscribers in real time. We’ve also partnered with attorneys and experts in the field to provide an unmatched compliance expertise upon request.

Stellar Support

What sets us apart from our competitors is the customized personal support that we provide for your mailing success. To get you onboarded, ListMarketer’s team will schedule a walkthrough call and show you all the functions of our technology: creating lists and campaigns, importing subscribers, mailing, reporting, and get you set up for success.



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Take a look at what some of our customers say...

I have been working with ListMarketer going on 6 years now. Not only do I find their services to be the best in the industry, but their customer service is exceptional. They offer sophisticated technology at an affordable price, as well as services that other email marketing companies don’t offer. I have nothing but positive reviews for the ListMarketer team. 

Amanda Kohl - Every Market Media

ListMarketer’s software and mailing specialists have really helped me grow my business, allowing me the ability to expand. In just 6 months’ time, I have tripled my volume and look forward to even more growth!

David Beeson - DE Marketing

I have been a client of ListMarketer’s since 2005, utilizing their services for 3 different companies and 17+ lists. ListMarketer has proven itself to be loyal and helpful with the best customer service and proactive staff in the industry. I can always count on their team. Because of them I’ve achieved great delivery!

David Zabludowski - ZABBRO/Consumer Ally