What’s included:

  • Powerful tools to help you manage and send emails.
  • Create web forms or use our API to add/manage subscribers.
  • Automation that gets the right message to the right subscribers.
  • Deliverability strategies to make sure your emails reach your readers.
  • Email experts who can help you accomplish your email marketing goals.

Easy Data Management

Our built-in Data Management technology lets you manage as many lists and records as you need. ListMarketer’s suite of list operations, suppression lists, and segmentation deliver results.  Get what you need to manage your data and lists list like an expert with ListMarketer.

ListMarketer Data Management Platform




Marketer Friendly 

While we take email compliance seriously, we also understand email marketing and how complaints can happen in the email marketing business, so while we monitor our network for abuse and compliance with  laws and regulations, we also don’t take drastic action if you get an occasional complaint. We look at each incident on a case by case basis.

Deliverability Expertise

What sets us apart from our competitors is the personal support that we provide for your mailing success. Our support staff starts every relationship with a welcome call to answer any initial questions and get you started. We help all our clients with email deliverability strategy and configuration recommendations as well as providing a 24/7 ticket system, business hours phone support, and on-call options for emergencies as well. You can expect to work with our friendly staff in our Salt Lake City, UT office to help you maximize your email marketing efforts.