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Crafting the Most Effective Header and Footer

Putting together an email campaign to send to your marketing list can be tough. You’re most likely to think about images, layout, content and the message you are trying to… READ MORE

Putting together an email campaign to send to your marketing list can be tough. You’re most likely to think about images, layout, content and the message you are trying to portray. There is a lot of effort and time put into what type of campaign a marketer wants to send. That is no question! Where most email marketers go wrong, is with the header and footer. They will pay all sorts of attention to the rest of the email but fail to realize that these are two of the most important components of your campaign. These items not only help to portray the message, they also make the email whole.

Crafting the Perfect Header:

The header is going to be the first thing your subscriber sees when they open up your email. If it is not attractive, well thought out, and inviting, they may not read on into the rest of your message. While not many people look specifically at the footer, those who want to go to your social media or unsubscribe will. Even without getting much attention the footer is important in the whole look of the email campaign. It is so important to take consideration of these elements in your campaign, it has been said that consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers. You want to make sure your campaign has all the components to encourage consumers to purchase whatever it is you are offering.

Let’s talk about what makes a great email header: the point of having a header is to create curiosity and excitement for the reader to want to continue looking into the email. It is like a teaser to the movie you are about to watch, a preview of what’s to come. The email header helps set the expectations of the email. A couple of questions that can be answered for your consumers with a proper header would be able to give an idea of what the email is about, which brand has sent the email and for what occasion, as well as what they are offering and who they are targeting for this specific offer.

A well-designed header will show various elements of the email and persuade those reading to continue on and possibly click, open or purchase something in the email as well. The call to action is sometimes present even in the header itself. Why do you need a strong header? The header helps the reader process information already available in your email in a simplified way. They can get to know what the email is about and decide whether or not to read it further. A great header will represent your brand and inform the recipient about the sender.

There are many parts involved in making a good header. First, you should have your business name and logo as a part of it. This helps to identify who sent the email and also builds branding and retention. A header that has visual components, along with text, helps with skimming and better understanding of the content. There needs to be a first line of text to grab the reader’s attention and entice them to view the full email.

If you are using a platform that has template features, such as ListMarketer, you are able to set a template with the header to be consistent on all of your campaigns. Having a standardized

header will bring continued brand retention. Your email header should have a personalized touch, which will be more effective with your readers. If you can include the subscribers name in the header, your chances of increasing open rates go up. The header should be short, yet convincing, with a message of what the email is about. Try not to stray far from your branding with your header, so that you remain consistent. Don’t introduce with colors or fonts that do not go with your brands image. Don’t be afraid to try multiple designs before you decide on the header you like.

The Footer is just as important…

The footer of a campaign is often overlooked in its importance. Many marketers will use the footer for an unsubscribe link and for the physical address to be CAN SPAM act compliant. But what they do not realize is that the footer is a great opportunity for closure and leaving a good impression on your reader.

With a great footer, you will keep up with the interest shown in your brand. A strong footer gives the reader an alternative to communicate with your company rather than email. It also is a place that you can put your privacy policy and other pertinent information as a final closing.

The purpose of the footer is to share information that can help the subscriber contact the brand. You need to share your address and may or may not include a phone number with other details. The footer also lets the subscriber know about other platforms where they can get more information about you. For instance, make sure you add your social media details as well as any links to blogs or websites.

Designing the footer may seem simple, but there are definitely some things you can do in your footer to ensure that you have your best ‘foot’ forward. The idea is to use minimalism when designing the footer. This isn’t a place to put a lot of information, just what it pertinent. The information in the footer should be represented in an order that makes sense with the flow of reader’s needs, as well as matching the aesthetic of the rest of your brands image. You should choose fonts and colors that complement the main body of the email as well as your company’s look.

In conclusion, having a header and footer that are well formatted with all the correct information can greatly increase your customer response. Make sure to use the same or most similar headers and footers in all your campaigns to solidify branding and stay consistent. This will help with brand retention and recognition. They may not seem like such an impactful part of your email marketing campaign, but in all reality a proper header and footer can make or break your campaign! Luckily, ListMarketer makes it easy by providing an automated footer that you can customize, as well as header and footer options within our template builder. This makes customizing your emails that much easier.

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