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Creating the Best Email Footer

Everybody knows that your email footer is where you put your unsubscribe link. Folks savvy in CAN-SPAM compliance know it’s also where you put your physical address. But did you know your footer can be so much more?

Your footer is your chance to close off your email professionally and leave as good an impression on your subscribers as you started with in your header. With a great footer, you can keep up the momentum from your campaign and let your readers know where to find more.


Cater to your subscribers’ preferences.

What do an unsubscribe link and a physical address have in common? Not much, you might think, but they’re both communication preferences. One is for a reader who prefers not to receive more communications. The other is for readers who prefer to communicate through email. Different strokes for different folks—so why stop at two?

Some of your readers will get the most out of your content if they know where to find you on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media. Others are more interested in reading a blog, or going directly to your website to get their updates. Some might even use a phone number if it’s included. Your email footer is an excellent place to show your readers all the ways they can communicate with you, so they can use the one that’s right for them.


Keep it simple.

Putting a lot of information in your footer doesn’t mean you have to include a ton of text or long URLs. In fact, the cleaner your footer is, the better. When your reader has made it to the end of the email, they’re done reading, and you only have a short window to include more information before they click away. Use a minimalist design with short phrases or icons to link your readers to places where they can get more content.


Stay consistent.

If you’ve read our blog before, you already knew this was coming! Consistency is the most important thing when it comes to your email footer. We don’t just mean within one email, although it is great practice to match your footer to your header and body as much as possible. What goes a lot further, though, is making sure your footer has the same look and feel as your other campaigns. Subscribers like familiarity, and when they open your campaign, you want them to know it’s from you from beginning to end.

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