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Powerful Features For Managing Large Data Sets
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ListMarketer offers not only great mailing software, but a wide variety of features to help you manage your data. All features come standard with any ListMarketer license giving you the control and detail you need to successfully fine-tune your email marketing effort.

Manage Subscribers

Apply custom filters to find subscribers fitting a custom criteria.

In the example above, a filter has been applied to show all Normal subscribers with a email address. You can set multiple criteria per filter to effectively segment your lists.

With the filtered subscribers you can,
– Send a New Campaign to Filtered Subscribers
– Export (to another list, to a FTP, or to a file)

Import Subscribers

Import subscribers with up to 20 customer fields from a file on your desktop, URL, or directly on the server to your lists.

You can also set up recurring imports to automatically pull subscribers from a URL right to the ListMarketer platform.

Export Subscribers

Export subscribers based on custom criteria to a URL, a file, or another list on the server. You can filter your exports by Status, such as Openers, Clickers, or Delivereds.

You can also set up recurring exports to automatically export subscribers (fitting any criteria you set) to a URL.

Blacklists and Suppression Lists

ListMarketer has global blacklists to help protect your reputation including Blacklist Words, Server-wide Email and Domain Blacklists, and Client Email and Domain Blacklists.

ListMarketer also offers a free service that will sync blacklists across servers for any customers with multiple licenses.

Suppression Lists
We also have several options for creating suppression lists. Suppression lists can be applied to:
– a single campaign
– all campaigns per client
– all campaigns on server, regardless of client
– a particular mailing list