Managed Email Campaigns
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Many of our clients lack the know-how to operate an email marketing effort successfully.  They bring several key components such as the list and the creatives, but they lack the experience to load, analyze, and fine-tune their effort to their benefit.  For years, ListMarketer has educated and provided support in this area and is now offering an add-on service to make our client’s success easier to achieve called the ‘White Glove Service.’


ListMarketer would like to introduce the ‘White Glove Service.’  The purpose of this service is to provide our clients with the labor necessary to accomplish email-marketing objectives by using the ListMarketer Software more effectively and reliably. Right now, we estimate that it takes the average ListMarketer client one to two hours of human labor per day to set up and administrate the ListMarketer software for each license that they have.  

This labor includes:

  • Importing Data

  • Cleaning Data

  • Campaign Setup

  • Campaign Testing

  • Campaign Monitoring

  • Campaign Analysis

With the ‘White Glove Service,’  a ListMarketer Support Representative will import your data to the software, set up and send campaigns using your creative, and performance tune the campaign based on monitoring and analysis. Managed Email Campaigns are an additional service and not included in license and servers/IPs.

Let our team handle everything