Email Hygiene
Now Included with Every Account!

What do you know about your data?

Bad data can harm your sending reputation,
affecting your email deliverability.


Protect your IP deliverability while increasing engagement from your subscribers

  • Role account removal. A role account is an email address that is not associated with a specific person, but rather with a position, department, or job (i.e. daemon@, abuse@, sales@, support@, info@, privacy@, webmaster@, etc.).
  • Extraction of addresses containing bad words, known trap phrases, or other potential threats.
  • Removal of domains known to cause delivery and blacklisting issues.
  • Removal of known traps from industry insiders.

Safeguard your reputation from online threats, and comply with CAN-SPAM laws

  • Removal of FTC and industry-recognized “Do Not Email” addresses.
  • Blacklist of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) wireless domains.
  • Expulsion of known, habitual protestors.
  • Removal of  known litigators and anti-spam activists (including seeds for the purpose of litigation).
  • Duplicate address removal (per list).

ListMarketer can scrub your data for problematic email addresses and domains

  • Provide an overview of good emails, emails that match a blacklist, and duplicate emails with every import job.
  • Ability to blacklist subscribers across multiple lists, multiple clients, and even multiple servers, so you can effectively manage incoming data automatically.
  • Schedule recurring blacklist imports to sync your data sources in real time without additional labor.
  • Scrub existing lists against suppression lists or set suppression lists to automatically apply to certain campaigns