ListMarketer Smart Sender

SmartSender ®

ListMarketer’s exclusive SmartSender technology is designed to protect your IP reputation based on real-time feedback from SMTP transactions. With SmartSender, it’s easy to warm up IPs as well as maintain good delivery with seasoned IPs.

SmartSender controls when to speed up, slow down, or temporarily stop mailing in real-time based on each specific SMTP response code it receives.  Rules can be set per domain or domain group so you can keep mailing to some domains, while resting where you need to build reputation. Each rule can be applied per IP or IP group so an issue with one IP range won’t affect other IP’s.  SmartSender gives you full control over how you deliver your campaigns and is very effective at maintaining positive IP reputation. 


IntelliBounce ®

IntelliBounce is an intelligent bounce management system that will set subscribers’ statuses based on real-time feedback from ISPs. IntelliBounce will automatically blacklist non-deliverable email addresses making list management easy, and any temporary bounces can be retried retried based on custom processing logic that ensures that best chance for delivery.

Standard Features

All-In-One Solution

ListMarketer includes everything you need to run successful email marketing campaigns, forms, automatic click and open tracking, delivery reporting and much more.

Visual Editor

Create emails using our drag and drop campaign builder. Use our built-in templates or create templates from scratch using building blocks like text, images, buttons, and videos.


Automatically send new email campaigns or a series of email campaigns on a schedule or right after each email addition. Move subscribers to a different list based on clicks or opens

Create Campaigns

Build engaging campaigns to send to your email lists. Write captivating subject lines that draw your subscribers to your offer. Send or schedule your campaign with ease.

Preview Campaigns

Preview your emails to see exactly what your subscribers will see before you even hit 'Send'. Use our integrated spam scoring system to make sure your messages are good-to-go.

Manage Campaigns

Monitor your active campaigns in one central location for quick and thorough data. We offer a variety of tools to export, view, and manage your campaigns on a granular level.


Our reporting suite includes comprehensive delivery analysis and IP/domain reports.

Image Hosting

Easily upload and host your images and files for use in email marketing campaigns.

IP Grouping

Create custom IP groups based on delivery, campaign, IPs, or other criteria that you choose.


We offer all the standard personalization tags or you can create your own custom tags for tracking purposes.

Custom Footers

Create custom footers to apply per list or all your lists so you never have to worry about your unsubscribe links.

Dynamic links

Easily add personalized text or data to every email. ListMarketer can personalize the message for each subscriber.

Sync Services

Unsubscribe, Suppression and Blacklist syncing across lists or servers is no problem.  

API & Integrations

Integrate with hundreds of apps or use our API to link to your existing software.

Delivery Reports

View your Delivery Reports assess the performance of your IP(s) to ensure maximum performance.


Every email campaign generates data about your subscribers that can be used to segment your subscribers into specific groups for targeted email campaigns.

Custom Fields

We let you easily create custom fields for each subscriber list so you can use that data to better target and customize your email campaigns.


Triggers can be created when a subscriber performs a specific action. For example, an automated 'Special Offer' could be sent to a subscriber when they click a link.

Server Monitoring

We use state of the art real-time monitoring software so our support staff can resolve any problems.

Data Backups

We backup your data weekly in case the your server goes offline so you can get right back to mailing.

FTP account(s)

We provide unlimited FTP accounts for our customers to use in conjunction with our software.

Expert Support Included On All Plans

ListMarketer can help with everything from software questions to advanced delivery analysis. Expect a response from a real person in the US within 30 minutes during our business hours. On dedicated server plans, we offer all clients an initial onboarding call customized to your specific needs.  We always work with our customers to fine-tune and maximize delivery.