Create Stunning Email Campaigns

No software to download or install.
Everything runs from your browser.

All-In-One Solution

ListMarketer includes everything you need to run successful email marketing campaigns, forms, automatic click and open tracking, delivery reports and much more.

Visual Editor

Create emails using our drag and drop interface. Use our built-in templates or create templates from scratch using building blocks like text, images, buttons, videos, and images.


Automatically send new campaigns or series of campaigns on a schedule or right after a signup.

Create Campaigns

Build exciting and engaging campaigns to send to your email lists. Write captivating subject lines that draw your subscribers to your offer. Send or schedule your campaign with ease to connect with your subscribers.

Preview Campaigns

Review your campaign to see exactly what your subscribers will see before you even hit 'Send'. Use our integrated scoring system to get a gauge on how well your campaign is built.

Manage Campaigns

Monitor all your active campaigns in one central location for quick and thorough analysis. Gain access to a variety of tools to export, view, and manage the campaigns on a granular level.


View your results to improve your campaigns and increase subscriber engagement. Our reporting tools include comprehensive delivery analysis and IP/domain reports.

Image Hosting

Easily upload and host your images and files directly on the server to use in your email campaigns.

IP Grouping

Create custom IP groups based on delivery, campaign, IPs, or other criteria that you choose. You can also rotate through IP groups automatically on a specified time interval.

Personalization Tags

We offer standard personalization tags you can use to customize your emails or create custom tags.

Custom Footers

Create and set custom footers to apply per list or to all your lists so you never have to worry about your unsubscribe links or any default information.

Dynamic Unsubscribe links

Easily add unsubscribe links. ListMarketer automatically personalizes the unsubscribe link for each subscriber.

Sync Services

Unsubscribe, Suppression and Blacklist syncing across lists or servers is no problem.  

Website Integration

Capture leads with subscription forms which can be placed on your website and use our API to link to your existing software.

Delivery Analysis

We have expert analysts who assess the performance of your IP(s) on a daily basis to ensure maximum performance.


Marketing to your list generates a lot of data about your subscribers. That information is golden and can be used to segment your subscribers into specific groups for targeted email campaigns.

Custom Fields

Names and email addresses are essential. But what else do you need to know about your customers? Their age? Favourite breed of dog? Whatever it is, you can capture it by creating custom fields.


Automate actions when a subscriber performs a particular action. For example, an automated 'Special Offer' email could be sent or a subscriber added to a segmented list when they click a particular link.

Premium Add-ons Included With Every Account

Services included with every account so you have all the tools you need for success:

FTP account(s) We host FTP accounts for our customers to use in conjunction with the ListMarketer software. This offers plenty of storage for all your data files, and you can use this account for list imports and exports using the “Import/Export to/from FTP” feature. If you need multiple FTP accounts, we will happily provide you with these.


Database Backups We will backup your database every 8 days. This helps manage risk in case the hard drive on your server fails or your ISP takes it offline. This service turns a potentially catastrophic failure into a temporary inconvenience, and means that you do not have to reload your lists and your campaign data remains intact should there be any issue with the hardware.


Email Accounts We are happy to provide you with a free email account that will always receive your test messages. This allows your servers to send you test creatives and notifications under all circumstances.


Server Monitoring We track your server(s) using Nagios – a state of the art monitoring software that tracks your server(s) and reports if they are down so our support staff can get right on the problem. During business hours, we will take action on any server that has been down for 15 minutes, working with the ISP if necessary to keep you up and mailing.


DNS service for your servers This service allows us to provide reliable, high-speed DNS service to all ListMarketer servers. There is no rate-limiting on this service.



Premium Support 

All customers can expect to get to know our support staff. We offer an initial walkthrough call, customized to your questions, and continue to work with our customers to fine-tune and maximize usage of the software. We help with everything from simple software how-to questions to advanced delivery analysis. During our business hours, expect a response from a real person within 20 minutes of submitting a ticket. With all accounts, we offer after-hours, weekend, and holiday emergency support.

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