Feature Tour

Sender Stats Graph

This is the Sender Stats page and the first page you will see when logging onto the server. This graph, with adjustable time frames, allows you to get an overview of your sending speeds, broken down by Attempts, Delivered, and Bounces. Ideally, the Delivered lines will follow closely mirror the Attempts line with a lower Bounces line across the bottom of the graph.




Manage Campaigns

The Manage Campaigns page will give you an overview of your active, scheduled, and sent campaigns. There are several reporting features that can be accessed per campaign on this page as well. At the top of the page, you will also have the option to filter the campaigns to look at stats per campaign label or mailing list.




Create New Campaign Page, Part 1

This is the Create New Campaign page where campaigns are set up. Here you can insert a custom campaign label to identify your campaigns, select the mailing list or lists you wish to send to, and adjust retry settings.



Create New Campaign Page, Part 2

Here is additional campaign setup. The settings illustrated here demonstrate the ability to control and create custom Mail Froms, segment your list, and enter subjects and creatives of your campaigns. For each campaign, you can enter multiple versions of your creatives that the software will automatically rotate through.



Preview Campaign

From the Create New Campaign page, you have the option to preview the HTML and Text versions of your creatives. At the top of this preview box, the SpamAssassin report scoring also available to give you insight on how to modify your creatives to maximize delivery.



Create New Campaign Page, Part 3

This is the final campaign setup page. For each campaign, you can choose which IPs or IP groups to send your campaigns on. The option to apply a suppression list or lists per campaign. At the bottom of the page, there is an option to automatically move any openers, clickers, or delivereds to another list in real time. Finally, there are options to Send Now, Schedule, or Save as a Draft.



Personalization Tags

ListMarketer offers many personalization tags you can use to customize your creatives. Additionally, you can create custom tags to automatically include data from any custom fields you may have imported with your data. By default, the [[removal url]] will be added to your footer (although you can edit this as well), which will unsubscribe any subscribers that opt-out in real time from the current mailing list.


Here is an example of how personalization tags work in your creatives.



IP Groups

Create custom IP groups based on delivery, offer, by dividing the total number of IPs, or any other criteria that you choose. You can also set the software to rotate through these groups automatically on a specified time interval.



Delivery Analysis

This report will show you delivery to the top ISPs over time. Each step (typically 1 day) will break down delivery, soft bounces, and hard bounces percentages, as well the percentage of top errors for each domain.



Delivery Report

The Delivery Report breaks down your delivery by a given step (for example, hourly) over a given time period. This report is useful for finding patterns (e.g. delivery to Gmail falls off every two hours or every 100 emails) in your delivery that you can then use to adjust your mailing practices. You can also include the number of subscribers or opened or clicked in this report, which will help you to schedule campaigns at the most effective time.



Domain Report

The domain report is run per list, and gives you an at-a-glance look at subscriber information per domain for a mailing list. This report will also give you a sense of the breakdown of data in a given list.



Ratio Report

The Ratio Report will break down delivered and bounces emails per IP, offering a delivery percentage as well as a ratio of delivered email to bounced email. This can be ran for a section of IPs and for multiple domain groups. This report is a great indicator of IP health and aides in selection of IPs for your campaigns. For example, if sending a Yahoo campaign, you may want to select IPs with 80% delivery or better to Yahoo.



Custom Email Footer

Create and set custom footers to apply per list or to all lists on the server so you never have to worry about your unsubscribe links or any default company information.



Autoresponders and Verification Campaigns

Automatically send new campaigns or a series of campaigns to any subscribers imported to a list. You can set this to send on a schedule timeline or immediately following import to a list. With our Verification campaigns, you can also include a way for subscribers to verify they would like to receive email from you. Only subscribers who confirm they wish to receive emails will continue on in the chain. However, it is not necessary to verify subscribers to use the Autoresponders feature.



Image Hosting

Host images and files directly on the server to use in your campaigns.




The IntelliBounce Control Panel will determine which action to take (blacklist, hold for 10 days, mark as soft bounce, mark as hard bounce) based on the incoming SMTP patterns. This will apply per email address in real time.




SmartSender Rulesets

The first page of the SmartSender Control Panel shows the SmartSender rules, which can be customized to fit your server. The SmartSender is designed to preserve IP reputation and assist you in warming up the IPs, as well as maintain delivery with seasoned IPs. The SmartSender ruleset will cause IPs to speed up, slow down, or temporarily stop mailing in real time based on the particular SMTP responses your server receives. These rules are set per domain group so you can keep mailing to ISPs with good reputation, while resting where you need to build reputation. Each rules is applied per IP so an issue with one IP won’t keep you from mailing all together!




SmartSender Delivery Speeds

In the SmartSender, this page gives you an overview of the current speeds of IPs, as well as if they are enabled or disabled for mailing. This page exemplifies the level of detail and control the SmartSender gives you. Each IP will send to an ISP independently of what else is sending. By hovering over an IP addresss on this page, you can see what rules caused a particular IP to be disabled. From this page, you can also set speeds per domain group or per IP, as well as manually enable or disable IPs from mailing.




SmartSender Domain Groups

This page in the SmartSender will show you what domains are encompassed by each domain group. For example, “AOL” may include not only aol.com, but also aim.com, aol.co.uk, and netscape.com. At the bottom of the page, the Process Local Groups feature will automatically parse the logs based on your individual mailing practices to find additional domains to add to these groups. You can also create custom groups and manually modify existing groups.





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