ListMarketer is integrated with Zapier which lets you easily connect the web apps you use, making it easy to add emails to ListMarketer.  By using this integration you can add emails from multiple CRMs, Accounting, Ecommerce applications, and more. Here is a small sample of the Apps, for a full list click here:

Listmarketer email integrations
It’s super easy to configure.  Select and connect to the Web App that you want to pull customer or lead data from, and make a Zap using the ListMarketer integration.

  1. Signup for a Zapier account
  2. Click Make a Zap
  3. Pick the Web App you want to connect to ListMarketer
  4. Connect to the Web App you want to use following the individual Apps instructions in Zapier
  5. Select the ListMarketer BETA App (must use link in this article to access the BETA)
  6. Assign the options to trigger the mailing
  7. Assign the ListMarketer data Zapier asks you for
  8. Save Zap

That’s it! Now your emails will be imported based on the trigger you provided.

There’s no need to hire expensive developers or spend time building complex service integrations yourself. With Zapier taking care of repetitive tasks, you get to focus on business.