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Creating a successful email campaign begins with delivery. How well your emails are written is irrelevant if Yahoo or Gmail won’t accept them. Monitoring your campaign for potential delivery problems is critical for success. Listmarketer can perform audits on an individual campaign basis, weekly or monthly in order to identify the cause of delivery issues or potential problems with new campaigns.



We can configure your domains to IPs, setup reverse DNS, & request feedback loops to save you time or if you aren't technical.

Starts at $2 IP and goes to $1 after 256 IPs ORDER


How you configure ListMarketer software will determine your campaign implementation and report options. We will help you streamline and simplify the configuration process in order to make the most of our software’s powerful capabilities. Whether you want to run it straight out of the box or fine tune it for your specific desires, we can help. During provisioning and setup, we can make recommendations regarding Database setup, list maintenance and hygiene, campaign management strategies and more.

$90/hr. QUOTE


Our API allows for accurate and efficient integration with a variety of software such as Salesforce or Hubspot, but if you need to connect to a custom CRM or Point-Of-Sale systems, we can help you build it. Connect subscriber lists, reporting data or other campaign information.

$150/hr. QUOTE


All customers are provided with informative software usage instructions. If you need additional training, ListMarketer offers in-depth, customized walkthrough and training on all features of our software, as well as how to use the software most efficiently in order to see optimal results.

$90/hr. QUOTE

Our team is available for professional services, API integrations, custom reports, and more.

Maybe you need a custom integration to your corporate system or a unique feature we don't have. We can help.

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