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Why Email Marketing Works

Have you been wondering if Email Marketing is the best use of your time and money?Let’s discuss the value and opportunity that comes along with having email marketing software in… READ MORE

Have you been wondering if Email Marketing is the best use of your time and money?

Let’s discuss the value and opportunity that comes along with having email marketing software in your arsenal.

Whether it’s data that is purchased or collected, there are many more opportunities to connect to consumers through email marketing than any other platform. Currently, there are about 3.6 billion email accounts in use. Talking just the numbers alone, email is leaps and bounds ahead of both Twitter and Facebook. The vastness of email use shouldn’t be dismissed. The fact that there are so many people using this platform on a daily basis gives it instant credibility in the eyes of marketers.

Additionally, with the growing usage of smartphone technology, most people can access their email from wherever they are: home, grocery store, even the kids’ sports game. This can lead us to assume that there are mass amounts (millions, I’d dare say) of people who are using their email with them on a daily basis wherever they may go. This is just an indication of how effective your email marketing reach can be.

Another important factor in evaluating the benefits of a marketing medium is to take a look at the return on investment. Today, even with all the other marketing channels available, email marketing still has some of the highest return on investment metrics when compared to other marketing tactics. Studies have shown that every dollar invested into email marketing yields a $44.25 return on investment. This stat is astounding and cannot be ignored by even the most skeptical of email marketing cynics.

The way that people are marketing to their target audience is consistently changing; organizations are spending more time, effort and money on informational resources for their prospects and customers. These include but are not limited to; infographics, e-books, customer success stories, video tutorials and much more. This educational content needs to be disseminated to these prospects in the most effective and economical way. And the way to do that, is through email marketing.

There are definitely other ways to make your content accessible to your audience Posting content to your social media profile or getting content visibly up in the search engines and blogs. However, the only way your content is being delivered right to your prospect’s inbox, is through email. This solidifies visibility that other marketing attempts cannot promise. In addition, email allows for a longer content lifespan, because your message will be housed in the inbox unless the user deletes it.

One of the most important reasons that email marketing is still so relevant is because of how trackable and measurable the data is. With emailing, there is not ever a question of how you are doing because the raw metrics are looking right at you when you open up your reporting. There is no denying the facts. You have the option to see detailed reporting in regard to opens, clicks, bounces, retries, and unsubscribes. These basic level metrics are at the center of where digital marketing is heading. A place where every campaign is compared and evaluated based on its performance and numbers alone. Because of this it is important to have software for your email marketing that will be able to tell you exactly how you are doing with your campaigns.

ListMarketer offers this reporting and much more as far as what you can control when it comes to your emailing. Having the right software and ability to market to your consumers is going to level up your marketing and change everything.

Why are you waiting? Get started today!

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